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Sensa Stone Starter Kit

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Why Sensa Stone Bath Bombs?

  • Become Relaxed and Enjoy a Reprieve from Chronic or Acute Pain.
  • Notice a Reduction in your Stress Levels and Anxiety, Acne or Dermatitis.
  • Sleep Deeper, Longer, and wake up Refreshed and Focused.

There are no unpleasant side effects associated with soaking with a Sensa Stone. You may get relaxed. You may enjoy reprieve from chronic or acute pain. You may notice a reduction in your stress and anxiety, as well as acne or dermatitis flare ups. You may sleep deeper, longer and better and wake up feeling refreshed and focused.

These incredible benefits aren’t all in your head, either. The ingredients in CB2 (TM) have been clinically-proven to modulate and repair many physiological systems in our brains and bodies. CB2 (TM) may reduce the physical and psychological pain resulting from a wide range of diseases and ailments. ​

Includes 1 of each of our amazing Bath Bombs:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lust
  • Naked
  • Vanilla
  • Woodstock

It’s the PERFECT Bath Bomb Starter Kit!